I hear that expression all the time:

"I just need to get my shit together."

At one point in my life I heard it all the time because I was the one always saying it!

It's a myth a lot of us have bought into--that we are these walking messes that just need to catch up with the rest of the adults who clearly have their shit together.

What if all of that was just one big misinterpretation of things?

 What if it simply meant:

“This isn’t working anymore.”

That can include:


"This job isn't working for ME anymore." 

You don’t even believe in what you’re doing, you can’t understand what planet your coworkers live on and there are days it takes every fiber of your being to go in and stay the whole day.


"These people aren’t working for ME anymore."

You just don’t have as much in common with your friends anymore. The things people are talking about feel meaningless and shallow. You may even feel this manifesting in romantic relationships. (Don’t worry, it does NOT mean you have to break up.)


"This routine isn’t working for ME anymore."

Try as you may, you hate going to the gym, and all of the reasons you go. Another sack of takeout arrives for dinner and you yearn to have a deeper connection with the food you’re eating. All of this Facebook bingeing just feels toxic.


"This life isn’t working for ME anymore."

You’re depressed. You’re anxious. You’re medicating with wine, weed or whatever you just ordered for dinner. You feel totally stuck. You need something, on a deeper level. It feels like wanting to go home, but not knowing quite where that is.


This does not mean you need to get your proverbial shit together.


You're just on the verge of an awakening.

The way you’re experiencing reality is changing. Things that felt totally normal—for years even—can start to seem ridiculous or unworkable. People, places and ideas you once connected with can feel foreign and nonsensical. You wonder what you ever saw in them.

It can start to make you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore.


The reality is, you're actually in the process of discovering who you truly are.




My awakening didn’t get any easier until I stopped trying to figure it out on my own.

An awakening can make you feel very alone and very confused. Trying to sort it all out in your head is like trying to put a puzzle together while all of the pieces are still in the box. 

Let’s dump those puzzle pieces out on the table, sort through them and put things together in a way that brings you the peace, power and perspective you’re seeking.




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Hi! I'm Colin,  an intuitive, certified holistic health coach and writer dedicated to helping you navigate the next steps on the journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Before becoming a coach, I spent almost nine years in the fast-paced world of digital advertising in New York City. 

It seemed like everyone I knew with was feeling this profound sense of just keeping their heads above water--and I was no exception.

And while it seemed like a lot of people were accepting this as normal, I knew deep down that this was not all there was to life.

Life didn't have to be so incredibly hard all of the time...




Colin is simply amazing. He genuinely cares about the people he works with and I feel so lucky to have worked with him. I was drawn in by his energy, passion and his approach. He inspired and motivated me to work through what’s behind my habits and gave me the clarity and strength to sort through my issues.
— Annie, New York
What I liked about working with Colin is that I felt comfortable to be honest about my health and my habits. His personality augments the delivery of his advice perfectly—he’s funny and relatable. He extended me compassion and new strategies and provide me with tips that were simple to implement and easy to sustain.
— Samuel, Louisiana
Colin provides a safe space to share anything weighing on your heart. I felt comfortable talking about issues (which I have shared with very few people) with him from the start. Colin is genuinely willing to help out and it is clear that he is passionate about his coaching. He is a confident coach and has a lot of creative and fun ideas up his sleeve to help you get unstuck and encourage you to think differently. In his holistic approach, Colin challenges you to care for the neglected areas in your life.
— Gaelle, Melbourne, Australia




A blend of channeled intuitive guidance as well as my own personal narrative.

This short, no-nonsense guide can help you dissolve the intense discomfort that often arises during the awakening process

Learn the number one thing we do every day to strengthen this discomfort and how you can change that immediately.

I hope this supports and inspires you to take another step forward, wherever you are on your journey.