Colin is simply amazing. He genuinely cares about the people he works with and I feel so lucky to have worked with him.

When I first started working with him, I was in a stage of complete denial, feeling hopeless. But from my first session with Colin I was drawn in by his energy, passion and his approach.

I cannot thank him enough for his support! Colin inspired and continues to motivate me to work through what’s behind my habits and other aspects of my life. He gave me clarity and strength to sort through any issues I have.
— Annie, New York

I did not know what to expect when I first had a session with Colin. All I knew at that point in time is that I had enough with the life that I was living previously and that it was time to make some changes.

I started to feel comfort by the in-depth care I was getting from the start. Colin was able to see things in me that I was not yet ready to see.

Each week I spent working with Colin, the compass of my mind started to spin slower and slower until I started to see where it was pointing. I started to see a path, and that was an enormous win for me. I shed a lot of fears and started building a routine for myself. I started to heal and calm down.

Once I was able to see myself, I slowly started to like the person that I am. I rediscovered passions that I kept deep down. It is almost like I thought of myself only as a spinning compass, so worried about what direction I should go in, that I forgot I was a beautiful vessel and I could navigate the ship that is my life any which way I wanted. I had limited my life to just left or right, forgetting the possibilities in between. I was not ready to see then what I am able to notice and appreciate now.

I never could have accomplished my goals without a coach. The perspective I now have and the tools I have in my arsenal are second to none.
— Jason, New Jersey

What I liked about working with Colin is that I felt comfortable enough to be honest about my health and my habits. His personality augments the delivery of his advice perfectly—he’s funny and relatable. He extended me compassion and new strategies and provided me with tips that were simple to implement and easy to sustain.
— Samuel, Louisiana

From our sessions, the most important thing I became aware of was that balance was missing and I was resistant to making time for play.

In my previous work experience, working after hours and on weekends was encouraged, and over time, I cut down on activities and groups that brought excitement in my life. Colin gave me some great tips on pursuing a new career path and what to expect. He is a confident coach and has a lot of creative and fun ideas up his sleeve to help you get unstuck and encourage you to think differently. In his holistic approach, he challenges you to care for the neglected areas in your life.

I also really benefitted from hearing about his own experience – which is very cool by the way (real stories are the best teachers!)

Colin provides a safe space to share anything weighing on your heart. I felt comfortable talking about issues (which I have shared with very few people) with him from the start. He is genuinely willing to help out and it is clear that he is passionate about coaching.
— Gaelle, Melbourne, AU