The way I work looks a lot like a typical coaching session

You would show up to it the same way. The only request from me is that you show up open and honest

Any reservations or skepticism will make it much harder for us to connect in the session in a way that allows me to tap into intuitive guidance for you. And you can definitely release any fears of judgment or "sounding crazy"--our sessions are a safe, confidential space, and it's REALLY important to me that you feel that as well.

Feel free to share as much as you need to in our sessions--the deeper we can explore, the better. I will ask questions and help guide the conversation where necessary, but will also be in a receptive state during our conversation in order to get a clear intuitive read on what's going on for you.

While you will leave our session with next steps and guidance, that's just the beginning.

Immediately after our call, I will tap into my Intuitive Guides and ask them what they recommend for you. I then channel that through automatic writing, which I will transcribe into a PDF document for you. (You’ll receive this within 24 hours.)

Their guidance will build on what we talked about in the session. It could be an expansion on themes we talked about, further recommendations for your next steps or a clearer perspective on what's blocking you. 

The channeled guidance I send you isn’t just a reading, it’s a plan of action. 

My intention is for our work together to validate and empower you as you navigate this incredible time of spiritual evolution happening in the world right now.

Much love,