My blog Recipe for a Life has been both a personal exploration of life lessons I've learned along the way as well as advice on how to find greater balance and alignment in your own life.

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My Journey to Ayahuasca Series 


Ayahuasca plays a very powerful part in my personal and spiritual development.

I chronicle my entire experience--how I arrived at the decision to do it (which was well outside of my comfort zone at the time), the life-changing two weeks I spent in the rainforest of Peru at an ayahuasca retreat, and the ups and downs of Integration once I got home.

For a comprehensive understanding of what ayahuasca is, its history and its usage, learn more here.

*Ayahuasca is not for everyone. While it's not a primary part of my coaching practice, I am of course more than happy to answer any questions if it's something you're considering or curious about.