Picture it: New York City, 2014.

I had an executive-level job in digital advertising, I was in a relationship, I had friends, community and what seemed like a sense of direction.

And yet, everyday felt like walking around in shoes that were just a size too small. I kept hoping they’d break in. But what was really happening was that I was just living in pain everyday. Pain that became so familiar I didn’t know life without it.

It would make for a great story to say this all eventually  "came crashing down,” but it wasn’t so dramatic.

I was like a car that had been running on fumes. Eventually I just stalled out, rolled onto the shoulder of the road and quit.

I technically had everything I wanted from this chapter of my life—I was successful professionally, I had creative success as a playwright, I was making great money, I was living with my boyfriend. When I first moved to New York, this was my wish list and it was finally fulfilled.

And yet I had never been more depressed.

Subsumed with anxiety on a daily basis. Self-medicating in any way that would numb the edges. 

The lights were dimming in my life when a little voice whispered in my ear, “Have you considered this?” (And that’s a whole other story! Click here to learn about the incredible experience that resulted in my own awakening!)

What I discovered in Peru with ayahuasca broke me open.

There was no turning back after that, no unseeing or unknowing what I had seen and now knew. 

What followed was a year of intense Integration. The ayahuasca ceremony is nowhere near as challenging as bringing all of that home to New York City.

My life dismantled itself. EVERYTHING changed. And it seemed as if I was right on time for a spiritual expansion that was happening around the world, which was comforting and terrifying at the same time.

I didn’t know who or what to believe for a long time.

Exactly a year after going to Peru, I first connected with my Intuitive Guides. 

While I had been unknowingly tapping into them for over twenty years—for as long as I had been writing—I now understood why I became a writer, and why everything else fell away.

During one of my ceremonies in Peru, I got the very clear guidance that my life’s purpose was to wake up and heal my own pain so that I could support others on that exact same journey. 

But it wasn’t until tapping into my Guides that I understood how I would truly do that

Today, I provide intuitive coaching and support for people who are on or have just have started to take their first big steps onto a spiritual path. 

I not only bring my own experience and understanding, but the clarity and direction of my Intuitive Guides. 

Whether you are neck-deep in spiritual awakening or just starting to feel like the world around you is making less sense than it used to, I can help

Book a session with me and find your way out of feeling like a mess.

Because you’re not a mess. You don’t need to get your shit together. There’s nothing wrong with you.

And you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

It’s my privilege to support you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Much love,