"Actual change occurs because of a decision on our part:

the decision to heal, the decision to change." 

-marianne williamson


Some of these may sound familiar..

  • Every Sunday, you start to feel the Monday Morning Dread set in.
  • You wake up to a morning cocktail of anxiety and depression most days of the week.
  • You’re feeling trapped at work—this job isn’t working for you, but what are your options? 
  • You don’t even feel like yourself sometimes—just a robot or a machine, simply trying to get as much done as possible every day.
  • You’re exhausted. All of the time.
  • You seem to have less and less in common with your friends. It's like you're in totally different realities.
  • It feels like the only relief you get is from alcohol, pot, junk food, sex, Facebook binges, shopping sprees, etc.—anything that takes you out of your reality for a little while
  • You find yourself regularly craving sugar—almost obsessively sometimes. (Bring on the carbs!) 
  • Your mood is all over the place—you sometimes fly off the handle without any forewarning, or start crying at the drop of a hat.
  • In the back of your mind, you know that life could be so much more than this, but you have no idea how to change it, and you’re losing the energy to try.


it's time to wake up. 

This can all feel like something is terribly wrong with your life. (Your ego would like you to believe there's something seriously wrong with you.)

But what you are experiencing is an awakening. You could see that as spiritual, emotional or energetic--the semantics don't matter really. What matters is that you are in the process of releasing old ways of thinking and being that are no longer working for you. 

What that leaves behind is the real you--someone you may not feel very familiar with. This experience can be very vulnerable, but with the right support and perspective, it can also be incredibly beautiful.

It can be one of the most profound things to happen in your life.

(It certainly was for me!)

But the key is not doing it alone. A long-term coaching relationship is the perfect way to find structure, support and direction when you need it the most.

And because I work intuitively, our work together will be deeper and more insightful as I will be able to truly tap into your experience and provide you with the exact guidance you are seeking each step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of clients do you work with?

I only have one real expectation of my clients:

Be willing.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re not ready or willing to do the work—or at least experiment with some of the self-care techniques or ideas we discuss—then you're probably not someone I can coach. (At least not yet! It's okay to not be ready.)

Otherwise, I'm happy to work with people of all ages, races, genders, sexual identities, backgrounds—I think we all deserve to feel our best. 


What if this isn’t working for me?

If we’re not making any progress together or you simply feel like this is not right for you right now, I absolutely don’t want you to feel locked in. 

I offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first half of our program. (By the halfway point, you and I will know if this is working.) No questions asked, no hard feelings, no guilt. 


How can i figure out if you're the right coach for me?

Great question! There are a number of ways, actually.

Check out all my free content!

You can download a copy of my eBook, watch my videos, read my blog, or follow me on Facebook. You’ll get plenty of advice, support, tools and resources, and will definitely get to know me a lot better. (Feel free to say hi!)

Free 30 Minute Exploratory Call

 We'll hop on a call for a half-hour and start talking about what’s going on for you. These calls can be really clarifying—just by starting to navigate your concerns together, we can identify powerful ways you and I will be able to work together to bring things into alignment in your life. Click here to schedule.




I currently offer either a 3-month or 6-month program, so you can determine which fits better into your schedule and aligns with the time commitment you’re ready to make. 

All sessions are held over FaceTime or Skype.


Both programs include:


TWELVE bi-Weekly 60-minute Progress & Support Sessions - 6 Month Program 

- OR - 

twelve WEEKLY 60-Minute Progress & Support Sessions - 3 Month Program

  • A regular review of your progress, including the exciting changes that are manifesting in your life, anything that’s coming up for you in the process and anywhere you’re feeling stuck.
  • Not sure yet if you want to do the 3 or 6 month program? Don't worry--we'll figure that out on our first call.


Written HIGHER guidance following every session

  • I will tap into my Intuitive Guides through automatic writing after our session to gain deeper insights for your journey every step of the way. PDF will be sent to you within hours of our call.


one 30-Minute Follow-Up Session

  • A check-in after our program is complete to celebrate your success and make sure you are prepared with the tools and direction you need to continue this amazing journey.


Unlimited Email/Text Support For the Duration of the Program

  • Need some moral support, some extra guidance or just have a big win to share? I’m here for you. 


PRICE: $1,495.00


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